Saturday, October 29, 2011

Sable GHOST Hunter

Yes, I hunt ghosts. This has been one of my favorite hobbies for years. I have hunted ghosts longer than I have written erotic romances. I have always been fasccinated by the supernatural and I used to be afraid of it - but I'm not that afraid any more. I think it was because I didn't really understand - but I have taken pictures and videos and gotten electronic voice phenomena and I have realized that ghosts are just people - dead people - but just people. And the more you delve into it the more luck you will have. It's like you get their attention. Let me tell you a few stories. My husband and I had went to Oklahoma to take my brother to law camp and after we dropped him off at one of the universities - we got us a hotel room and he indulged me by taking me to a couple of cemeteries that I had researched and was interested in. One of them was really creepy - there was supposedly a grave there of a young woman - the daughter of a preacher. This girl had died in a car wreck and her father was convinced that she was going to hell. He died shortly after - a broken heart I guess and there were reports that you could hear his voice wailing "She's lost. She's lost. My Lorena (I can't remember the exact name) has gone to hell! And oddly enough there were multiple reports - one from a surveyor and crew that had been working in the cemetery and one from a whole group of people attending another funeral. WEll, the day that we went was blistering hot and I couldn't hang around to go back at night - so to say the least I didn't meet up with Lorena or her dad. However, that night when we got back to the hotel room- I got a little shock. I was nuts with my camera and equipment and would take photos everywhere so I had been shooting in the hotel room and around and had gotten a few orbs but nothing else. That night my husband and I went to bed and just a few minutes after we had lain down something slapped the crap out of my foot. It wasn't a mean slap - just a HEY YOU - LOOK AT ME! slap. It scared the crap out of me. I was convinced that there was someone in the room. I insisted that Jason get up and look around and he did - under the bed, in the bathroom, in the closet but - NOTHING. We were alone. He just said - "it's one of your ghosts - what do you expect? Well we went to sleep and the next day as he was loading the car he came in laughing. He said - "I know where your ghost came from - look" HE took me outside and I had not realized the hotel was right next to a funeral home.
WE have had stuff happen in our home, too. We had Mexican tile in a sunroom that was right behind our living area and the couch that we sat on was right next to a wall. Behind that wall was my computer desk and a dining table chair where I would sit to do my 'ghost research'. The chair that I would sit in would make a very distinctive scraping noise when you would get up out of it - there wasn't another sound like it.
Anyway one night we were on the couch watching TV and I heard - Jason did too - that chair scrape backwards as if someone heavy had gotten up out of the seat. WE looked at each other - eyes wide and Jason jumped up to go see who was in the sun room. Nobody. We felt funny - sat back down and it did it again. In fact over the next few days, it did it several times. Jason got so worked up about it that he went in and put tape on the floor where the chair was sitting so we could measure how far it moved - and it did several inches. The only thing I regret was that we didn't set up a camera but for some reason we didn't.
I have bunches of stories - I have taken full body apparition photos - most of the better ones were taken at battlefields and plantations over in Mississippi - but I am not afraid anymore. After all - one day I will be a ghost, too. And I plan on having a haunting good time.
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Sable Hunter

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  1. It would be cool if you'd include some of those full body apparition photos in this post.