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I'm Giselle Renarde and this is my RIDICULOUS True Author Ghost Story

How Ghosts Put A Damper On My Love Life

Since last Halloween, we've been resting up here at True Author Ghost Stories, getting ready to provide you with new tales of the paranormal.  Of course, ghosts don't appear on demand (or maybe they do--what do I know?) so these TRUE stories only come up with they come up.

Speaking of which, last night my girlfriend Sweet and I had an encounter I wanted to tell you about.  This story is a little on the "adult" side of things--beware!

If you follow me on twitter, you might have heard me mention that my girlfriend's place of employment has been investigated by the Ghost Hunters team more than once.  She'd kill me if I told you exactly where she works, so let's just say it's a hospitality type place.  On twitter, I also mentioned that I'm a weenie and no way I'd be visiting her at work again, knowing the place was haunted.

It's funny, but Sweet's been working in this place for almost ten years and she's only just starting to tell me about the spooky occurrences she's encountered first-hand.  Mostly, it's noises.  She says that, after working in a place for almost a decade, you get used to the noises of the building settling.  You know what's "normal" and what's... "paranormal"?

Sometimes, when she's closing up at the end of the night and she's absolutely alone in the building, she hears things.  Footsteps.  Creaks.  Movement.

She says she's not afraid.  Not afraid, not exactly, but it does spook her because she gets the sense there's something else right there.  She tells me she once took a staff photo, and there was a weird hazy figure in it.  Last month, she closed up with another girl, and just as they were leaving they both saw a figure moving across the room.

So, yesterday I went to work with my Sweet.  Yes, even after declaring myself a weenie too afraid to set foot in a haunted building.  I was just CRAVING my girlfriend's company.

At the end of the night, after she'd closed up shop and everyone else had gone home, Sweet locked all the doors and gave me that look.  THAT look--you know the one.  Well, she'd got me so hot on the ride up there, shoving her hand down my top as she drove.  At one point, we got each other so turned on we had to pull over and take off some clothes.

We were really, REALLY hot for each other by the end of the night, so she pulled me into a dark corner and kissed me.  Or maybe I kissed her.  I don't know, it was all just a frenzy of sexual activity.  We were pawing at each other, touching and pinching and rubbing.  I couldn't believe it when she pulled down her pants.  We were at work!  But, hell, we were at her work so it's not like I could get fired.  I dropped to my knees and went at her right there.

Suddenly, she stiffened.  I felt it in her body.  She pulled up her pants and fumbled with the zipper, then shifted away from me and into the next room.  I wasn't exactly sure what was happening, even when she came back with a blank sort of look on her face.

I asked, "What's wrong?"

She said.  "Nothing.  Just the ghosts.  We should leave now."

I laughed because I thought she was joking, and I asked again what was up.

"I heard a noise," she said, totally serious.  "Footsteps, creaks. In the other room.  It was the ghosts."

Well, I didn't hear a thing.  I was too caught up in my frenzy of horniness to notice any ghosts, but they sure put a stop to our sex.

Okay, not really, because as soon as we were out driving on those dark country roads, we started unzipping and pawing and playing all over again.  Like teenagers!  Those ghosties my girlfriend hears might have wanted to put an end to our naughtiness, but I guess they only succeeded in driving us away.  We wouldn't stop for the world.


Giselle Renarde is author of:

A Tale of Fur and Flesh

Princess Lally was a happy child until her mother’s untimely death.  It was then her devastated and distraught father locked himself away, leaving Lally to grow into adulthood without parents to care for her.  When the King finally emerges after ten years, he is no longer the man Lally remembers from the halcyon days of youth.  He has descended into lunacy, and is intent upon marrying his daughter.
Lally’s joy at her father’s return quickly becomes rage, and she takes refuge in the darker realms of her personality, surrounded by a forest of shape-shifting creatures. Disguised as a peasant girl under layers of furs, she seeks shelter and protection in the land of the good King Aelwyn.  Will Lally remain in the dark world of the shapeshifters and succumb to the same madness that has overtaken her father, or will she find relief from her suffering in the one man who treats her with kindness?
Warnings: This title contains graphic and sexually explicit language. 

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