Sunday, October 23, 2011

I’m Kiki Howell and this is my True Author Ghost Story

So, with what I write, I’m sure no one will be surprised to learn that I’ve had a few
paranormal experiences during my lifetime. When I saw this blog, question was, what
was I willing to share *winks* Decided to go with one that actually, really scared me.

To set the scene, I was pregnant, on bed-rest mind you, with my first child. We had
just moved into our first house. I was home alone late that night while my husband was
working, he’s a musician and was about an hour’s drive away – get this, playing at what
is supposed to be a haunted bed and breakfast. Anyway, I had fallen asleep with the light
on in the bedroom, a habit of mine when he has late night gigs. I woke up with the feeling
that someone was looking at me, you know the feeling you get when someone is staring
at you that makes you turn toward them.

Only, I just opened my eyes to find what I deem a shadow person at the foot of my bed.
He was just a shadow really, no color at all, but with this one, he was darker, the figure
more solid than most I’ve seen which are usually more smoky in color with no details to
then at all. Him, I felt I could touch. One reason was there was a three-dimensional look
to him, like I could make out some of his features, shading on the face, down his arms
and legs.

He felt menacing, like a person who you know is angry and sad at the same time, the rage
I could almost feel making the air pulse in the room. We had a stare off for I don’t know
how long. But, when I started to try to sit up, wasn’t easy for me at that point, the light
bulb in the fixture over the bed burst. It made a horrible sound like a loud click of a light
switch, sizzled, then I could hear the glass of the bulb break. Everything went dark, but I
instantly knew he was gone. While I had very strict directions of the tiny bit of walking I
was allowed to do at the time, I used one of my allowances to make my way to the living
room, turning on every light as I went, and put myself on the couch until my husband got

Now, the weird part. Know how when you sell a house it’s a law to disclose certain
histories of the house? Well, guess our seller, a private deal, chose not to. Some time later
after my son was born and I had done an energy clearing on the house, a man shows up
at my door one afternoon. Just a salesman, young guy, but I had the door open since it
was spring, so no hiding till he was gone :( After I turn down the steaks he’s selling, he
stays looking into the house, odd look on his face. I ask him if something is wrong, and
he starts rambling on about being friends with the guy that used to live here, he really
wanted to see the place, etc. About this time I had walked to the door like I was being
sympathetic, but really had clicked the lock on the screen. He goes on to tell me in a
rush of words that this friend hung himself in the basement, but I must have known that,
then takes off down the steps and gets into his car leaving me there shaking in my shoes
remembering the shadow man and ready to string up the dude who had sold us the house!

Kiki Howell is the author of many paranormal, erotic romances. Her latest release is a
short story called Working Out The Kinks.

Making an appointment with his ex-girlfriend under a fake name, David buys himself one hour to get her attention. Hoping to apologize and remind her of their time together, he intends to do whatever he has to in order to make Meredith, a practicing Wiccan, forgive him for being idiot enough to have listened to those around him and choosing his political
aspirations over love.

Meredith is resistant to let David anywhere near her heart again. Desperate, David plays all his trump cards and suggests a sexual magick ritual which incorporates the BDSM lifestyle he and Meredith used to experiment with. The methods he uses may be unconventional, like sensory deprivation and sensation play intended to build trust and to achieve altered states of consciousness. But David is more than willing to do whatever it takes if he can just get Meredith to agree.

Published by Rebel Ink Press and available at Amazon and Barnes& Noble

Kiki Howell
~where love is a mystical thing~


  1. I love this question. I want to post too and answer the question. I'll do a real one too.

    Kiki I haven't seen the shadow people but the fact you were so far along and on bed rest pisses me off. He prob knew you wouldn't be able to jet like normal. Or he figured you would react worse than normal being all hormonal.

    Good thing you ate who you are and know so much about ...things :)

  2. OMG Kiki! That is so scary. A lot of home owners don't inform the buyers of things that happened in the house. Its the same as hotels. Most won't tell you that there have been reports of spiritual activity. Sad, isn't it?

  3. Yes, probably should have left the house, but it wasn't possible, and it wasn't my first ghost either.

    It is odd that myself, and other's I've talked to, the spirits, whatever form, tend to come around more when you are 'down' in some way.

    I will get you hooked up to be on Bri :)

  4. It is Shiela! After that house, I am now a certified Feng Shui Practitioner, and I clear my houses first now. Have even done a hotel room before. Where I was trained in Michigan, they cleared ever room before classes started for the five days of training.

  5. My mother's cousin is a Feng Shui practitioner too--a pro! My mom hadn't talked to her cousin in ages and didn't know what the woman did for a living. One night she couldn't sleep, turned on the TV, and there was her cousin giving Feng Shui advice on some random Canadian talk show. LOL

  6. That's cool, Giselle! I need a name so I can check her out. It is interesting with the different schools of though all you can learn from various teachers.

  7. That's scary. But I feel sorry for the guy too. I once lived in a military dorm that was supposedly haunted by an airman who'd hung himself inside of it a short while before I'd arrived. I was part of the first group of women to live in it since they'd closed it (temporarily) after his death. I hated doing night watch in there...was always afraid I'd swing my flashlight beam and find him!

  8. I agree Ranae. He was scary, but more because he was a big presence. But, yes I did feel sorry for him, and his own grief could feel. I think that was why I didn't leave the house that night, and was able to be there for another 5 years without him reappearing, even before I cleansed the house which was over a year later, because he only seemed to want to be seen once, and maybe he just wanted to be seen.

  9. Kiki that was fantastic, I have more than my fair share of encounters, a lot of them have been my Oma (Grandmother)and a few who haven't but have only ever come across one that made me pass out due to the overwhelming sense of I want to say fear but it was worse than that.
    Would love to share one day.

    *bites n kisses*