Monday, September 10, 2012

I'm Deryn Pittar and This Is My True Author Ghost Story

I didn’t just see one spirit – I saw three at once; enough to convince any sceptic.

It was about ten years ago and I had just had my fifth operation.  My sight was slowly failing with low pressure glaucoma, requiring surgery to constantly reduce the pressure in both of my eyes.

I had nil by mouth from 8 a.m. and had the surgery at 2 p.m. I was looking forward to a drink and was propped up on the hospital bed, in the Recovery Room.  One wall was lined with patients recovering from surgery, moans emitting, drips evident and two nurses busy checking on them.  I was at one end, back to the windows, feeling utterly shattered.  I didn’t know how I could keep on having this surgery; coping with the sore eyes, weeks of recovery and unco-operative eye pressure. 
The eye had been operated on under a local anaesthetic, so was not hurting. I had not taken any type of medication, sedative or otherwise. I was stone cold sober but at that moment I reached rock bottom emotionally. I was utterly tired of being brave.

As I sat there, waiting for the Nurse to bring me a cup of tea, I decided I would have to accept going blind gracefully and stop fighting it all the way. I resigned myself to whatever the future held.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw light and turned to my right.  There, standing close beside my bed was the outline of a large human shape – head, shoulders and straight down each side. Across this shape were bars of light about 4 inches wide with each alternative bar having angled slots of soft rainbow lights flashing as they moved across the form.  I knew it was a man. I looked to the other side and there were two other human outlines.  The smaller one I knew to be a child of about 11 and the other taller one, a female form, smaller in width and height than the large male shape on my left.  I looked around the room. No one else seemed to be noticing them. The nurses fussed and continued to walk about.  I looked back at the spirits in awe and they stayed with me for many minutes, before finally fading away.

I knew then that I would never ever be alone. Should I lose my sight and go blind I would always have them with me.

I have been so lucky. I’ve had more surgery since that day, and my sight is holding.  Each operation is hard to cope with but I know that I have three spirits who watch over me. That is why they came that day; to reassure me at my moment of deep despair. To show me I would never be alone no matter what life threw at me. Seeing them gave me comfort and strength and I believe utterly in the existence of spirits because I’ve seen them.

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